Registro Maserati / Maserati Register

This site is dedicated to the classic Maserati Gran Tourismo cars made between 1957 and 1982. This includes the 3500GT Touring Coupe and Vignale Spider, 5000GT, Sebring, Mistral, Ghibli, Mexico, Indy, Bora, Khamsin, and Merak. The Maserati firm has produced many beautiful and exciting automobiles over the years, but most enthusiasts consider these models as the "Classic Era" GT cars.

1) Provide a single access point to all public registries of classic Maserati GT cars.
2) Provide a current set of useful links and references for enthusiasts and collectors.

The philosophy of this site is to make existing information easier to find, instead of duplicating work already published elsewhere on the Web. Hence, much of the initial content will be links to other resources, especially to the different registry sites.

Future Goals
1) The near-term goal for the future is to develop a customized web search utility that will enable users to search across the different registry sites from one simple form. This will enable simple queries by model, serial number, and key words from a single location. This will be a handy little tool, since conducting an exhaustive serial number search across all the different sites is currently difficult and time consuming.

2) The long-term goal for the future is to develop a consolidated and easily accessed registry database that includes all the models of interest, along with full search, browse, and update capability. This may take awhile.