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About Me
I am a long-time Italian car collector and enthusiast located in Boise, Idaho USA. I bought my first Maserati back in 1978, while still a university student (Yes, I was very lucky!). She was a 1960 3500GT Vignale Spider (101.1043) and was sold new in Los Angeles, California before making her way across the country to Indiana. She was painted black with red interior, and was fitted with Borrani wire wheels, Weber carbs, and a 4-speed ZF transmission. After sorting out the electrics and truing the wire wheels, she was a very reliable car and a joy to drive. Here's a picture I took of her back then. She has since undergone complete restoration, and currently resides in Germany.

picture of Vignale Spider

My current Maserati is a rather messy 1963 Sebring Series 1 (101.01945) project car that I am slowly restoring. She originally had the same black / red color scheme as my old Spider, but was fitted with disc wheels and Lucas fuel injection. She was sold new in Milano, Italy and lived a hard life after coming to America in the 1970s. Someday she may look like this again (factory archive photo).

picture of Sebring Series 1

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